WP Mentor Sunset Brand Story

The WP Mentor brand was born out of a photo of a sunset taken at Riverside Country Park in Medway, Kent on my iPhone.

Here’s the full story of how it became the brand image for WP Mentor.

The original brand name was going to be ‘WordPress Coach’ and I’d conducted a few WordPress workshops in Rochester at the Pausenbrot Cafe in Rochester,  I purchased the domain name wordpress-coach.co.uk,  built the website and was about to hit the social media marketing space hard before realising that you are not allowed to use the term ‘WordPress’ in a domain name. Doh! I don’t fancy going to court so we started looking for a new brand name….

I created WP Mentor as a service to help people to get started with WordPress websites. I offer experience in hosting and WordPress to help get websites registered, set up securely and with the owners having full control of hosting, files and administration. Anyway, nuff plugging…

Local Facebook Group Photo Competition

In January 2018 the ‘The Medway Together group‘ were holding a group header photo competition and I decided to have a look to see if I had anything decent to add. I’m usually taking photos for marketing purposes but I do snap the odd view with my phone.

I was originally looking for some Rochester Castle images for the group (typically) but while I was scrolling through, I came across the Riverside Country Park one and it jumped out at me for some odd reason. It must be the bright colours!

The group members voted for the photo with Facebook ‘likes’ and on the 1st of Feb  it became the header image for the group. Chuffed much! 🙂

Competition winner becomes WP Mentor brand image

After seeing the popularity of the sunset image and the serene feeling it gives off , it wasn’t long before it was the header of the new WP Mentor logo & site.

We’re absolutely delighted to have the image featured in the group and would like to offer a 50% discount on all our services to all group members for the duration of the photo header being in the group. Please contact us quoting “MPG’ to qualify.

Visit the group, it’s a very entertaining place! 


Note: The group name is usually ‘The NEW Medway Together group‘ but has regular topical name changes depending on what’s happening in the area 🙂



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