Webmaster Setup Package

A solid package for business owners wanting control

The Webmaster Setup Package provides you with the tools you need to create, manage and rank your website,

Secure, fully branded with solid SEO and an ongoing content strategy., you’ll be in full control of how your business operates online.

A webmaster package packed with value, so how does it work?

First we’ll consult with you about your business goals and find out what we need to know to about your niche, competition and plans going forward. Then you can sit back while we take care of everything for you.

You get full control of your web properties with all admin logins provided along with assistance with setting up Google Analytics and GMB (Google My Business).

We provide and teach permanent long term SEO that Google respects (white hat) using ‘Long Tail Keywords‘ that attract real human searches for your products and services.

No contracts, no monthly reports, no waffle.

You’ll get personal ongoing support via Messenger so you’ll never be alone. We also provide free training videos to help you maintain your site and SEO.

It’s a little bit complicated, but we make it simple for you.

The 3 Phase process to Web Mastery

Phase 1 – Site Setup

  • Bespoke consultation for your business
  • SSL Hosting account setup assistance
  • WP Installed and configured
  • Essential plugins added and updated
  • Email accounts or mail forwards setup

Phase 2 – Content & Branding

  • Theme setup in line with branding guidelines
  • Pages setup, menus added
  • Content and images added
  • Social Media Links Added

Phase 3 – SEO & Ongoing Strategy

  • SEO Strategy consultation
  • Keyword Plan
  • 3 x Long Tail Keywords optimised (page or blog)
  • 5 x GEO Targeted pages
  • Bespoke instructional video for ongoing SEO


Now you have a fully functioning site, setup and branded with 3 pages optimised and an ongoing SEO strategy. You have all your logins and you’re ready to go. You’re in the driving seat now and Google can see that you mean business. Your social media is popping and you know how to create and share valuable content across multiple platforms.

Monthly SEO Option (ongoing)

  • Implementation of SEO Strategy
  • GMB set up, You Tube links, Google Analytics set up etc.
  • 1 Page or blog per month optimised for long-tail keyword
  • Monthly WP Updates and email support

SEO Strategy Visual

Our SEO strategy creates a secure site with quality, relevant pages designed to attract both Google’s respect and real human searches made by people looking for services.

Setup phases and SEO strategy explained

The SEO performed is permanent, white hat and each element supports the others, meaning your SEO improves over time.

This system can be used as part of an existing site or as a stand-alone independent entity. External sales funnel elements can easily be integrated.

Diesel SEO Landing Pages

Diesel SEO is a landing page generator plugin that creates GEO targeted pages. See this page for plugin details: https://medwayseo.com/diesel-seo/ 

Create a landing page, optimise it, then duplicate the page adding geo tags and bespoke content for each page.

This process can be taught to owners or blocks of pages created using supplied lists of places.


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