Hire WP Mentor

Hire WP Mentor 

WP Mentor will get you online and working with WordPress in a flash! Our aim is to help as many people as possible get started with WordPress – the right way.  Our first promise is FULL CONTROL given to users.

We’re offering to share our experience and knowledge to give you the best experience of setting up your site and becoming your own webmaster. You’ll have full control of your domain account, hosting and site admin control panel.

WP Mentor Monthly will get you online and working with WordPress in a flash!

We’re starting a digital revolution and you’re invited!

We’ll plan and execute your entire site from choosing your domain to setting up the pages and implementing an SEO blog plan. 

Already have a domain name or hosting? No problem at all. We are happy to work with you however you wish.


We just want people using WordPress and enjoying the benefits without being tied to developers with no control. Nobody got time for that!

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up to WP Mentor:

  • Personal WordPress Mentor for one year with special access

  • SSD Hosting Included for 1 year

  • 1 on 1 Support for your project

  • Free Setup

  • Full Access to follow the development journey

  • Bespoke Video Tutorials

  • The best WP learning experience possible

WP Mentor is offering a full consultancy service, real time support and exclusive access to your WP Mentor via messaging/email and the wealth of knowledge related to all things webby. Domain name management, nameservers, hosting, WordPress, plugins, sales funnels, customer experience and updating sites.

You’ll have access to all this for one single, very low, price.

Ready for an enhanced WordPress learning experience? Let’s do this!

Hire a WP Mentor for just £997 £497 


WP Mentor – with you on your WordPress journey.

Direct assistance & support from the WP Mentor.

Do you have a question about using WP Mentor Monthly? Contact us here and we’ll answer anything you need to know.

Here are a selection of sites built using WP Mentor.

Feel free to contact any of the site owners and ask them how we work and how far they have come using our services.