5 things to consider when thinking about using WordPress for business

Are you thinking about using WordPress for your business website?

So, you’ve heard that WordPress is taking over the internet and people are turning to it in droves, but you still have a few questions…

Here are five things worth considering that will help you in your decision making process:

  1. Control – What level of control can I have?
  2. Support for WordPress – is it easy to find support?
  3. Security – Is WordPress secure?
  4. Costs – what will I have to pay for?
  5. Social Media Sharing – Is WP good for sharing content?

Control – What level of control can I have?

Your hosting account has a server administrator login to control the server. This is needed to be able to install software on to your server.

Your WordPress installation has an administrator login that is set up by the person installing the wordPress install (usually the same guy who does the hosting). This login allows access to the WordPress dashboard and is able to perform all admin actions. Within WordPress there are ‘user’ levels that can be set to allow users different levels of control. Some may compose posts and pages but not publish them, some can publish but not update plugins or install new plugins. This depends on the set up of the site and business model.

WPMentor - WordPress User Levels

Ultimately, you want to make sure you have the access at the highest level, if you know what you are doing, that is. You can always allocate additional admin accounts to others. For example, if you were to employ a third party to work on your site, you can add them as a user and then allow them admin access. Once the work is done, you can then change their level down to a basic user, or remove their account completely. The point is, the best way is to make sure YOU have control. In fact, you really should demand it if you are thinking about using WordPress for your business site.

WordPress Community Support – is it easy to find support?

One of the main benefits of using hosted WordPress is that sheer size of the community using it. There is an endless number of resources available in the form of ‘groups’. Facebook has tons of groups and a simple Google search will solve most issues.

WPMentor - Thinking about using WordPress? Almost 60% of the CMS market share is WP
WPMentor – almost 60% of the CMS market share is WordPress

Security – Is WordPress secure?

WordPress is no different from any other site or system. There are always vulnerabilities. The good news is that there are lots of free and paid plugins that provide security. If you follow the procedures in the article below and choose good security plugins, you’ll be safe as houses.

There’s is a great article on How to Harden WordPress

How to Harden WordPress
How to Harden WordPress page on WordPress.org

Costs – what will I have to pay for?

  1. Domain names – You can pay anything from £4.99-£10,000 for a domain name.  For a standard .co.uk, .com, .org etc you will pay around £5-£15 per year. For popular domains you can be asked for a premium but that’s a decision that depends on your brand identity and how important a specific domain name is to you. My advice is this; spend some time thinking about this and researching before committing to purchase. I’ve bought many a name and decided a week later that I hate it! Also, beware of ‘domain front running‘. This is where your domain name search is tracked and sent to companies that buy domains and resell at a higher price. If you are planning to search for domains to see what is available, use the Safe Domain Checker. Then go to your favourite domain registrar to buy your domain. Again, click the link at the bottom to buy through our affiliate link to Pickaweb.
  2. Hosting – Web hosting varies but you can find anything from £FREE – £5k per month depending on the specification of the web server. Most WordPress site will run on basic web hosting, but make sure you check compatibility before buying. Hosting for a standard WordPress site is usually around £10 per month. Read our article about Web Server Advice HERE.
  3. Software Licences – WordPress itself is free to run. Some themes and plugins have ‘premium’ versions that require you to purchase a licence. Licence prices vary depending on the functions and complexity of the plugin/theme and how the original developer has set up their business model. Most things can be achieved with free plugins but this depends on how you want your site to look and function.

Social Sharing – Is WordPress good for social sharing?

WordPress is AMAZING for social sharing. In fact, there are 78 pages of them in the WordPress.org plugin repository. Click the image to visit the repository.

Social Sharing
There are 78 pages of social sharing plugins


Still thinking about using WordPress? Still have Q’s?

If you are thinking about using WordPress and would like to ask specific questions, why not contact the WP Mentor? or visit the Facebook WP Mentor WordPress Support Group

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