SSD Cloud Hosting vs HDD shared hosting

What is SSD Cloud Hosting?

SSD Cloud Hosting is cloud based, super fast, UK web hosting.  It’s what we’re using and here’s why.

The videos below explain the key things you need to know about the difference between SSD and HDD hosting.  These are the storage devices that the web servers use to store our website files, much like a PC stores data files.

SSD Cloud Hosting

  • HDD = Hard Disk Drive
  • SSD = Solid State Drive
  • Cloud hosting means that files are stored in multiple locations

We’ve just moved 12 sites over to SSD Cloud Hosting and the difference is amazing.  This site is hosted on SSD servers from Pickaweb and the service and support has been amazing.

The first video is from Tony Messer who runs Pickaweb. He recently released a podcast that explains the effects of hosting speed on local SEO. Click here: How To Be The #1 Ranked Business In Your Town (Podcast)

If you want to SEE the difference in drives, this video shows it really well. This takes me back to the days of buying bigger hard drives for PC’s and messing about with back up drives…The geeks among you will love this!

If you still need more convincing, this one shows the speed differences in a variety of tests. Not all are related to web hosting, but the principle is the same.

Now that you’ve seen the difference, you’ll probably be wondering how to set up SSD hosting for your site.

There are 2 ways forward here:

  1. Pay us to host your site on our SSD Cloud Hosting Server (We set up and manage the hosting for you)
  2. Set up your own SSD Cloud Hosting account at Pickaweb (We can help you do this)

If you have any questions about SSD Cloud Hosting, contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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