How to create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and receive leads on your phone

The WP Mentor Facebook page

Create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and your prospects & customers will be able to send a message from your website DIRECTLY to your phone via Messenger.

Never miss a potential client again with this simple instant messaging service. Create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot for your site and you can actually inspire a conversation, simply by having the option there. You can choose to have a message pop up to ask if they have a question or just leave the chat icon there.

what is a messenger ChatBot?
A messenger bot shows a box on your WordPress site that allows visitors to directly message your page

Here’s how to create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and receive messages on your phone

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5 things to consider when thinking about using WordPress for business

Are you thinking about using WordPress for your business website?

So, you’ve heard that WordPress is taking over the internet and people are turning to it in droves, but you still have a few questions…

Here are five things worth considering that will help you in your decision making process:

  1. Control – What level of control can I have?
  2. Support for WordPress – is it easy to find support?
  3. Security – Is WordPress secure?
  4. Costs – what will I have to pay for?
  5. Social Media Sharing – Is WP good for sharing content?

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Web Hosting Server Advice

Why do I need web hosting?

Web hosting is like renting a computer (without a screen) in someone else’s house. When you want to look on your computer, you knock on the door. If you’ve paid your rent to them for looking after your computer, you have the right to knock on the door and use it.  Web servers are the same. They hold the files that display the website and it’s a permanent place where the domain name can ‘point’ to, called an IP address. When you type in a domain name, it knows where to take you to display the files.

Who should you use for web hosting?

After using various web servers all over the world for varying reasons, we’ve opted to use Pickaweb for our needs. We have SSD servers secured with SSL certificates and it’s all based in the UK. That’s our choice of hosting provider and we’re sticking to it. We’re also an affiliate so if you buy hosting through the links at the bottom of the page, we earn a small commission.

There are many companies that provide web hosting and as long as they are able to run the software you want, you are free to pick and choose as you see fit. Do some research and see which provider fits your needs best.

The main types of web server are

  • Shared Hosting – great for websites with low traffic load £
  • Reseller Hosting – gives the ability to allocate hosting accounts ££
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – space on a dedicated server £££
  • Dedicated Server – all machine resources to yourself ££££

Prices vary depending on the size of the space you require, machine speed and bandwidth allocated. If you are unsure about which host to use, feel free to contact us and we’ll happily assist you in making a decision.


WP Mentor Sunset Brand Story

The WP Mentor brand was born out of a photo of a sunset taken at Riverside Country Park in Medway, Kent on my iPhone.

Here’s the full story of how it became the brand image for WP Mentor.

The original brand name was going to be ‘WordPress Coach’ and I’d conducted a few WordPress workshops in Rochester at the Pausenbrot Cafe in Rochester,  I purchased the domain name,  built the website and was about to hit the social media marketing space hard before realising that you are not allowed to use the term ‘WordPress’ in a domain name. Doh! I don’t fancy going to court so we started looking for a new brand name….

I created WP Mentor as a service to help people to get started with WordPress websites. I offer experience in hosting and WordPress to help get websites registered, set up securely and with the owners having full control of hosting, files and administration. Anyway, nuff plugging…

Local Facebook Group Photo Competition

In January 2018 the ‘The Medway Together group‘ were holding a group header photo competition and I decided to have a look to see if I had anything decent to add. I’m usually taking photos for marketing purposes but I do snap the odd view with my phone.

I was originally looking for some Rochester Castle images for the group (typically) but while I was scrolling through, I came across the Riverside Country Park one and it jumped out at me for some odd reason. It must be the bright colours!

The group members voted for the photo with Facebook ‘likes’ and on the 1st of Feb  it became the header image for the group. Chuffed much! 🙂

Competition winner becomes WP Mentor brand image

After seeing the popularity of the sunset image and the serene feeling it gives off , it wasn’t long before it was the header of the new WP Mentor logo & site.

We’re absolutely delighted to have the image featured in the group and would like to offer a 50% discount on all our services to all group members for the duration of the photo header being in the group. Please contact us quoting “MPG’ to qualify.

Visit the group, it’s a very entertaining place! 


Note: The group name is usually ‘The NEW Medway Together group‘ but has regular topical name changes depending on what’s happening in the area 🙂