WP Mentor Mission

To provide mentorship & tools to business owners to enable maximum functionality, security & full control of their web sites.

We show business owners and bloggers how to get started with WordPress – the right way. We’ll share all the knowledge we’ve gained in almost 20 years of hosting and website design.

From domains and hosting to themes and plugins, we’ll make sure you are in full control of your site. Back ups, security scans, the full works.

Having been building and hosting websites since 1999, I’ve seen many issues with business owners and web developers where they have fallen out, leaving a huge technical mess or a legal stalemate. There are a number of reasons this can happen, but in the end, the web developers usually win.

I’m here to change all that. 

I’ll show you how to make key decisions about the following:

  • Domains & Hosting
  • WordPress set up & security
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Functionality

I’ll tell you the things you NEED to know to successfully set up and manage your WordPress site.

WP Mentor offers 5 key services:

  1. WordPress Budget Setup – £97 – a one off service that includes recommended plugins & 3 months free hosting

  2. SSD Managed Hosting – £150 yearly fully supported WordPress hosting on UK servers with FREE setup

  3. WP Mentorship – £479 yearly – Full mentored services to setup, host and train you to manage your site. Including setup, hosting and ongoing training.

  4. Full Service Site Setup – £997 (Offer price £497) – This package includes everything you need to get your business online. Fully installed and setup and ongoing support to ensure you know how to manage your site.

  5. Content Creation Service – £150 per blog (£400 monthly = 1 per week)  – Original, well researched articles specifically crafted in line with your industry & marketing goals. Upwards of 500 words containing organic SEO formatted with headings, sub-headings and images. Posted on your site as ‘pending’ for your approval.

  6. Diesel SEO – POA Our own bespoke SEO landing page creator for GEO targeting local SEO. This system places pages in geographical locations and is very powerful when used as part of an SEO campaign and sales funnel.

If you have full control of your domain name, web hosting and administrator access to your website, congratulations, you don’t need my help. If not, read on.

I’ll help get you started and understanding the things you need to know to successfully set up and manage your WordPress site with backup and security and a system that gives your customers the experience you intend.

If you want to learn how to set and manage WordPress, you’re in safe hands. Have a look at our Tutorials section to get a flavour of how we operate.

The WP Mentor – you can call me Kris 🙂 

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