FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress ✅

So you’ve created a website using Wix and you’re ready to make the move over to WordPress? Good choice! 👍

Wix to WordPress ✅ There are many reasons why you may want to move, but we’re not here to debate that, we’re just glad you came to your senses. Let focus on getting you moved to a system that gives you maximum flexibility and control.

FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress

You’re probably thinking 🤔 can you even transfer from Wix to WordPress?

What about the content? How do I move the pages to a new website? What about the domain name? What’s a nameserver? Where do I start?

DON’T WORRY! We have you covered.

How to get a FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress: 

Sign up for our UK SSD hosting at £9.99 per month (Pay as You Go, no contracts) and we’ll convert your Wix to WordPress FREE of CHARGE!

We’ll copy the content, place it on a temporary server, then point your domain to the new WordPress installation, before sending you the admin logins. You’ll have access to your own hosting control panel and your WordPress dashboard where you can manage your site, install plugins, themes and enjoy all the advanced features of WordPress.

Once you’re set up, you can move the site to your own hosting account or stay with us. Either way, we’ll always make sure YOU have the control you need. Even if you only stay with us for one month, you’ll still have only paid £9,99 for a full site conversion! We do hope you continue to host with us, but we cool.

This article shows how we copied a WordPress site with no logins

Here’s how we lose Wix in 6 👍

  1. Sign up for WordPress compatible hosting
  2. Setup your new WordPress site
  3. Import your blog posts & images
  4. Convert Wix pages to WordPress
  5. Set up navigation & widgets
  6. Redirect Wix to WordPress
  7. Dance like crazy people until the sun comes up celebrating the new site

✅ Contact us TODAY to begin your new WordPress journey or open a chat if you have any burning questions, we usually respond pretty fast!

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