How to point a subdomain to a Click Funnel link using CNAME

It can be a complicated process depending on who you have your domain name registered with but here are a few point that we learned.

  1. In your domain registrar account, you need to find the ‘manage domains’ or ‘Edit DNS’ area. You want to be looking for where you can add a new CNAME value.  Here’s what it looks like on BlueHost:

Here’s how it looks in Cpanel:

Once this is done, we are ready to proceed to the next step. This is where we configure the subdomain to point to the right funnel link.

2.  Next, login to your Click Funnel account and head over to the ‘Domains’ section. Choose ‘Add your own domain’

Enter the domain name you just created and CF does the rest.

Choose the funnel you wish to point to and you’re done!

Here’s the CF tutorial for Bluehost – the principle is the same for most hosts:

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