5 things to consider when thinking about using WordPress for business

Are you thinking about using WordPress for your business website?

So, you’ve heard that WordPress is taking over the internet and people are turning to it in droves, but you still have a few questions…

Here are five things worth considering that will help you in your decision making process:

  1. Control – What level of control can I have?
  2. Support for WordPress – is it easy to find support?
  3. Security – Is WordPress secure?
  4. Costs – what will I have to pay for?
  5. Social Media Sharing – Is WP good for sharing content?

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How to get Started with WP Mentor (WordPress Mentor)

WP Mentor (WordPress Mentor) is a service designed to get anyone starting using WordPress, no matter what your skill level.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to provide the support you need to gain confidence in setting up and managing your own WordPress website – in line with your business goals.

From registering domain names to organising web hosting and setting up the site functions with plugins, we’ll walk with you until you no longer need help. Automatic back-ups, security, contact forms or connecting with social networks, we’ve got your back.

Then we’ll gladly wave you off like a proud parent sending the kids off to University…

WP Mentor is a specialist service designed to assist those wishing to get starting using WordPress
WP Mentor – with you on your WordPress journey

WP Mentor offers 5 key services:

  1. WordPress Budget Setup – £97 – a one off service that includes recommended plugins & 3 months free hosting

  2. SSD Managed Hosting – £150 yearly fully supported WordPress hosting on UK servers with FREE setup

  3. WP Mentorship – £47 monthly – Full mentored services to setup, host and train you to manage your site. Including setup, hosting and ongoing training.

  4. Full Service Site Setup – £997 (Offer price £497) – This package includes everything you need to get your business online. Fully installed and setup and ongoing support to ensure you know how to manage your site.

  5. Content Creation Service – £150 per blog (£400 monthly = 1 per week)  – Original, well researched articles specifically crafted in line with your industry & marketing goals. Upwards of 500 words containing organic SEO formatted with headings, sub-headings and images. Posted on your site as ‘pending’ for your approval.

  6. Diesel SEO – POA Our own bespoke SEO landing page creator for GEO targeting local SEO. This system places pages in geographical locations and is very powerful when used as part of an SEO campaign and sales funnel.

WordPress Tutorials are free.

Optionally and for specific assistance you can

  1. Become a monthly subscriber for full access to the WP Mentor service
  2. Cancel your subscription anytime you like

For just £47 a month, you’ll benefit from full access to the WP Mentor to help you get set up and running with WordPress. We want to help as many people as possible to get started with WordPress and we’ll always advise in line with your business ethics and in your own interests.

Questions? Click here to ask the WP Mentor anything you like.


FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress ✅

So you’ve created a website using Wix and you’re ready to make the move over to WordPress? Good choice! 👍

Wix to WordPress ✅ There are many reasons why you may want to move, but we’re not here to debate that, we’re just glad you came to your senses. Let focus on getting you moved to a system that gives you maximum flexibility and control.

FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress

You’re probably thinking 🤔 can you even transfer from Wix to WordPress?

What about the content? How do I move the pages to a new website? What about the domain name? What’s a nameserver? Where do I start?

DON’T WORRY! We have you covered.

How to get a FREE transfer from Wix to WordPress: 

Sign up for our UK SSD hosting at £9.99 per month (Pay as You Go, no contracts) and we’ll convert your Wix to WordPress FREE of CHARGE!

We’ll copy the content, place it on a temporary server, then point your domain to the new WordPress installation, before sending you the admin logins. You’ll have access to your own hosting control panel and your WordPress dashboard where you can manage your site, install plugins, themes and enjoy all the advanced features of WordPress.

Once you’re set up, you can move the site to your own hosting account or stay with us. Either way, we’ll always make sure YOU have the control you need. Even if you only stay with us for one month, you’ll still have only paid £9,99 for a full site conversion! We do hope you continue to host with us, but we cool.

This article shows how we copied a WordPress site with no logins

Here’s how we lose Wix in 6 👍

  1. Sign up for WordPress compatible hosting
  2. Setup your new WordPress site
  3. Import your blog posts & images
  4. Convert Wix pages to WordPress
  5. Set up navigation & widgets
  6. Redirect Wix to WordPress
  7. Dance like crazy people until the sun comes up celebrating the new site

✅ Contact us TODAY to begin your new WordPress journey or open a chat if you have any burning questions, we usually respond pretty fast!

How to create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and receive leads on your phone

The WP Mentor Facebook page

Create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and your prospects & customers will be able to send a message from your website DIRECTLY to your phone via Messenger.

Never miss a potential client again with this simple instant messaging service. Create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot for your site and you can actually inspire a conversation, simply by having the option there. You can choose to have a message pop up to ask if they have a question or just leave the chat icon there.

what is a messenger ChatBot?
A messenger bot shows a box on your WordPress site that allows visitors to directly message your page

Here’s how to create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot and receive messages on your phone

For this demo, we’ll use the domain https://sales-psychology.co.uk – it’s one we’ll be developing down the line. If you’ve already got a Facebook Page set up and running, no problem. Just head over to the settings page and add your domain to the whitelist.

The WP Mentor Facebook page
The WP Mentor Facebook page
The Zotabox settings page - create a Facebook Messenger Bot
The Zotabox settings page

Here are the steps we’ll follow to create a Facebook Messenger ChatBot:

  1. Create a Facebook Page
  2. Install Zotabox plugin
  3. Configure your bot
  4. Test & go live!

This video shows the steps you’ll need to follow in order to set this up:

Messages that are sent to your page will show as a page notifications and as a new Messenger message in your phone app meaning you will never miss a lead. Reply instantly or set up automatic replies and responses. Play with the Zotabox settings to set it up how you want it. You can even colour code the buttons as you’ll see in the video.

There are many advanced chat bots that can be configured as part of a sales funnel and take care of all your incoming leads and enquiries, but that’s a whole other post.

If you need help or get stuck settinG it up, get in touch and we’ll do our best to ASSIST.

Would you prefer it done for you as a service?

Order TODAY for just £39.99* 

Facebook Page access required (we’ll create one for you if you don’t already have a page), Zotabox plugin to be installed and account created/configured with your custom branding colours & message. SSL required.

*Normal price £99.99 MPG offer £39.99